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Toronto, Ontario

With a distinctive skyline that includes the world's tallest building, refined shops, exciting entertainment venues and thrilling amusement parks, Toronto offers the perfect location for a memorable trip. Experience it all for yourself at one of our five Toronto hotels.

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Toronto Hotels - Plan a trip to Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario Travel Information

Welcome to Canada and the city of Toronto. A city full of culture and excitement invites you to explore everything this North American destination has to offer. Toronto is home to 4.2 million people and over 100 separate cultures, giving it the official title of The World Within a City. There are so many things to do here that the possibilities seem endless. Join us as we take you on a quick journey through this wonderful Canadian city and show you just a few highlights so that we may give you some guidance on your vacation in Toronto.

University of Toronto

Kensington Market

Old City Hall

Toronto Galleria

When looking at the skyline of this beautiful city, you may notice something very prominent protruding from the horizon. This is the CN Tower and is one of the more popular Toronto vacation attractions. This is not only the tallest building in Canada; this is also the tallest building in the world at an astounding 1,815 ft 5 inches tall. This is home to some of Toronto's most flourishing businesses and is also their largest attraction. A couple of the things the tower allows you to do, like eating 1,000 feet in the air in a rotating restaurant are surely things not found anywhere else in the world. Along with a great dining experience, take in a view of the city from right below your feet as the top floor viewing deck has a floor made of glass. Instead of peering out windows, this tower allows you to stand on them. This is something that should not be missed by those of you making your first trip to Toronto.

For a taste of the culture surrounding you in the Toronto area, visit Ontario Place, Toronto's premier parkland that features vast cultural shops, leisurely activities, and entertainment to enjoy during your trip to Toronto. Think of Ontario Place as one massive park displaying everything one culture has to offer, all in one area of town. The park is located on what resembles an island and has everything from shopping and great food, to amusement park fun and educational experiences. The park is not only fun and entertaining, it is beautiful as well, as it showcases art, design, and architecture inspired by Canadian traditions and customs. If you were ever curious about Canadian culture, there is no better place in Toronto to not only see it, but experience it, than at Ontario Place.

Fun for the whole family is everywhere is this incredible city, but for a family experience like no other in Canada, Paramount Canada's Wonderland is the place to be. This park is massive and features over 200 attractions, including 65 rides! This is Canada's biggest amusement park, and along with all the fun you can possibly have on roller coasters, enjoy yourself at the mammoth water park, located within the same gates. Lazy rivers, white water rides, drop offs and 1,000 gallon buckets of water are just a bit of what you can find here. For those on family vacation, this is truly something that can't be passed up.

If you think of an African Safari, but don't think of Toronto, you may want to think again. When we say this town has everything, we mean it, including an African Lion Safari which gives visitors an up close look at the king and other member of the animal kingdom. Tourists are placed in a caged car and taken on a ride through the park as the animals roam free in their natural habitat. On the tour guests will see lions, rhinos, giraffes, baboons, hundreds of unique birds, and much more. This ride is not only an exciting way to look at the animals, it is a great educational experience as well. Open to all ages, this is one attraction that can't be missed by anybody with a bit of a wild side.

As you can see, Toronto has just about everything you would want and more. From cultural centers, to amusement parks, to African safaris, this Canadian capital is anything but ordinary. Most Toronto attractions are open year round but due to cold winter months, some may close for the winter.

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